Surgical operation medical display with full HD resolution, meet the high display requirement of endoscopic equipment and HD surgery field video camera. In appearance use white dust-free, metal sealing design effectively prevent the pollution of dust and liquid in the process of operation. Configurate professional video process chip, has varies GAMMA curve, different interfaces mode, truly meet the different needs of endoscope diagnosis and operation treatment.

TC REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY Diasurge surgical operation medical display master unique TC (true color) reduction technology, making colors more vivid can display anatomy, monitoring and other images during the operation process.

DISPLAY PREPOSITION Surgical operation medical display preposition anti-glare, anti-fingerprint protective glass, reduce interference of ambient light to improve picture clarity, reduce screen glare, make image color more vivid, more saturated while preventing splashing liquid pollution.

FUNCTIONAL INTERFACES Full featured interface, support multiple input and output devices, adapt to various needs.

FHD MEDICAL APPLICATIONS Medical HD IPS screen, meet ultra-high subtle gray display requirements and the viewing angle can reach 178 degrees, designed especially for medical applications.

MOUNTING STRUCTURE Monitor with simple mounting structure, convenient installation process, fully compatible with the endoscopy trolley and operating room installation.