Most of the time a person suffers from intense pain in knee while playing any sports or doing heavy work.  Generally, people injure their knees is by hurting ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) present in the knee. ACL is the band of connective tissue that joins and binds bones together in the knee. It maintains the stability of the knee. You may tear or stretch ACL when you suddenly change your position or with sudden turning, running or jumping. It makes it difficult to put pressure on the knee.


How Does It Happen?

Sportsmen and Athletes very commonly injure their ACL with sudden break and sharp change in directions. Playing soccer, football, tennis, basketball or volleyball, or doing gymnastics are having more chances of twisting knees by mistake when opposing. Persons’ speed and way of turning knee both affect the ACL tear.

How does it feel?

Many notice sound from knee when they get their ACL injured.

  • PAIN- pain depends on the grade of injury. The total tear gives you intense pain.
  • SWELLING- it happens in the first 24 hours after injury. It may get reduced with raising, resting, and ice compress.
  • TROUBLE WALKING- you will not feel a stable knee joint and unable to put pressure on the knee.
  • REDUCED RANGE OF MOTION- unable to bend and flex one joint.
  • LOOSE KNEE JOINT- you may feel losen joint.

How to Make a Diagnosis?

  • Physical signs and symptom with your history makes a temporary diagnosis. The doctor will ask you to move your leg in a certain way which you will not be able to do if ACL injury present.
  • X-ray. Just to differentiate it with fracture
  • Arthroscopy. This generally means to “visualize inside the joint.” The orthopedic surgeon gives a small incision on your skin. He inserts a pencil-sized tool (rigid endoscope) with a light and lens (arthroscope) inside the joint. Visualizing it directly on a monitor. The doctor can rule out the type of injury and may correct it if needed.


How ACL injury treated?

The extent of the injury may affect the type of treatment. Following option are available,

  • FIRST AID– minor injury gets resolved by cold compress, the elevation of the leg, resting the joint, bandaging and use of a crutch.
  • MEDICATION- Analgesics and anti-inflammatory can reduce swelling and pain. If pain is intense doctor may give steroid injection in joint.
  • KNEE BRACES- gives extra support to the knee joints.
  • PHYSIOTHERAPY- It is helpful in returning back to the normal activity of the knee joint.
  • SURGERY- If ACL is torn pathetically, and you feel losen know. A surgeon may advise your surgery. Mostly arthroscopy surgery is in trend for these injuries. The surgeon will give a small incision to visualize joint through arthroscope placed in that cut. Getting images on the monitor gives a clear-cut idea of injury that happened to the joint. Arthroscopy surgeries mainly involve removing the damaged ACL and replace it with tissues that grow in ligament afterward.

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