Frequent rhinitis: matter of concern.

Are you chronically suffering from blocked nose, headache, and heaviness of head? Shaking your head may worsen it. It may be due to the polyps of the nasal wall. But these symptoms occur in many other diseases. An only proper diagnosis makes it clear. Its diagnosis and treatment can be made by endoscopy.

What these nasal polyps are?

Nasal polyps are a small, painless, soft and non-cancerous outgrowth of nasal wall mucosa that occurs in the sinuses and nose. Chronic sinusitis can exist in the nasal polyp. It is not clear why it is found in some people while others don’t develop polyps.

How does general health get affected by nasal polyp?

Small nasal polyps may not show any symptoms, especially a smaller one. But, larger ones can clog the sinus drainage and results in frequently infected sinuses. Chronic headache with cold and cough like symptoms. It may cause fever after sinus infection.

If they involve olfactory cells, it may cause reduces the sense of smell. Which affects daily life.

What are the symptoms present in nasal poly?

  • Nose block.
  • Heaviness of head.
  • Running nose.
  • Frequent rhinitis.
  • Headache.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Epistaxis.



How nasal polyp gets diagnosed?

Polyp’s symptoms can overlap with much other illness many may be diagnosis get overshadowed.

1) Symptomatic diagnosis- on the basis of symptoms doctors can diagnose that it may be due to nasal polyp.

2) radioimaging- PNS x-ray

3) rhinoscopy (nasal endoscopy)- an endoscopy is the confirmatory examination. With the help of endoscopes, the doctor can visualize and locate the place of origin of the polyp. Thus, useful in treating it well.


How one can get rid of it?

1) You can opt for oral medicine also to make the size of polyp small or vanish. Anti-inflammatory, analgesics, antiallergic.

2) Polypectomy- surgical removal of a polyp. It is done by endoscopy.

Polypectomy Surgery:-

The general technique to remove nasal polyps is named as Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS). The surgeon put a narrow tube with a small camera into the nostrils and reach the sinus cavities. After that with an instrument inserted in an endoscope, a polyp is detached from the wall. With the polyp, the surgeon may clear adjacent areas to maintain proper air entry and drainage of the sinuses. Endoscopy surgery is generally done on an outpatient basis.

Care about endoscopic polypectomy:-

After surgery doctor prescribed some antiinflammatory drugs (steroidal drugs). It is to take care that surgical removal of the nasal polyps doesn’t decrease the inflammation completely so to continue the drugs given to you. Thus, improving your sense of smell by reducing inflammation of olfactory sinuses.

Don’t suffer more, get your nasal issues diagnosed with rhinoscopy( nasal endoscopy), which is an easy and hassle-free diagnostic procedure to cure your worry. For more information and advice consult at our website

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