Hysteroscopy in the diagnosis and therapy of intrauterine disorders is now standard procedure in clinics and, to an increasing extent, in outpatient settings and private practices. Diasurge instruments and units support the surgeon in all kinds of gynecological interventions. Precision is as important as the quality of the image shown on the monitor. Scopes and cameras from Diasurge comply with highest standards. Many gynecological procedures today can be performed using laparoscopic surgical techniques. Our product range is constantly being expanded. The development of patient-friendly, minimally-invasive hysterectomy procedures and the associated beneficial surgical outcomes combined with significantly shorter periods of rehabilitation. Products and system solutions for gynecology at Diasurge have always followed the principles of quality, easy handling and user-friendliness. We generate visions as the nucleus for innovations from an ongoing exchange of ideas and communication with leading gynecologists. The innovative instruments from Diasurge are setting new benchmarks in patient safety and user-centricity.


Diasurge rigid Hysteroscope are compatible with a full range of sheaths, making them versatile for procedures such as endometrial ablation, as well as transvaginal placement of the Essure® inserts.


Diasurge rigid Hysteroscope come with Guarantee against autoclaving damage.

MINI - HYSTEROSCOPE - Telescopes, Autoclavable

Outer Diameter Range  ------------------------ Ø 2 mm

Working Length Range  ------------------------ L 200 – 260 mm

Direction of view  --------------------------------- 0˚, 30˚

HYSTEROSCOPE - Telescopes, Autoclavable

Outer Diameter Range  ------------------------  Ø 2.7 - 4 mm

Working Length Range  ------------------------  L 302 mm

Direction of view  ---------------------------------  0˚, 12˚, 30˚, 70˚