Get your sinuses ventilated: FESS

Sinuses are air spaces meant for help in humidify the air and enhance the quality of voice. Do you know recurrent heavy headedness, severe headache while lowering your head, recurrent infection of upper respiratory tract infection can be serious and very problematic? Sinusitis might be the cause. Mostly sinusitis is a rhinogenic in origin, ear infection, or dental infection. Our nose has cilia on its wall which helps in the movement of nasal secretion out of the nose. During nasal infection, these cilia function less efficiently result in the stasis of secretion and mucus in nasal sinus.

What difficulties you will face when suffering sinusitis?

Mostly symptoms are rhinogenic and usually same as cold. Following are the symptoms of sinusitis:

1) Nasal congestion or obstruction.
2) Pain on sinofacial region.
3) Headache while lowering or shaking it.
4) Mucopurulent nasal discharge.
5) A sensation of sneezing or multiple time sneezing.
5) The reduced smelling sense thus resulting in the inability to have flavors in food.
6) Change in voice.


sinus sysmptoms

How sinusitis is treated?

Medical management: As per medical management is concerned sinusitis is usually managed medically first with nasal decongestant, antibiotics, antipyretics, anti allergens (antihistamines). If sinusitis doesn’t get relieved by medicines and get recurrent and chronic than it is surgically managed.

Surgical management: Surgically sinusitis is treated with the endoscopic approach. The rigid endoscope aids the surgeon to visualize the nose in detail. The nasal cavity is a very small area and having a great visualization with the correct idea axis can make the surgery easy. So angled endoscopes are used, a 30° degree endoscope affords an increased view with lesser movements as there are limited spaces. A 30-degree endoscope (sinuscope) can view every corner of sinuses. It provides excellent visibility, easy diagnoses, and surgery more comfortable. Surgery of sinus is called FESS (FUNCTIONAL ENDOSCOPIC SINUS SURGERY).


sinuses ventilated: FESS

FESS is useful in which kind of sinus problems?

1) Patient with recurrent acute or chronic sinusitis to increase ventilation of sinus.
2) People suffering from nasal polyps. This removes polyps by using suction cutters.
3) Some kind of cancerous growth in the nasal cavity.
4) Decompression of eye socket (space of eyeball in the skull) like in Graves disease.

Why FESS is preferred over conventional surgery or treatment?

As the name suggests it is minimally invasive surgery. So following are the reasons to opt FESS:

1) Minimal discomfort during and after surgery and heals early.
2) Performed under local anesthesia with some sedation to calm the patient.
3) It helps in restoring the ventilation of sinus.
4) Improves olfaction, sleep, and facial pain.
5) Enhances voice quality.

Having clear information about endoscopic treatment for sinus problems can solve your problem with great success. Its efficiency makes it more trendy and easy.

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